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The Concept of Web Design and other computer work on the back

“We spend so much time at the computer and doing web design that it is causing many back pain.”

The internet has paved way for various inventions and innovations in the world. The whole idea just started with several computers connected together to interchange information. These were termed as servers, and currently being sitting at computermillions across the globe. As more computers were added into the system, problem emerged as to how to access and view information on different computers which had different hardware and software composition. Therefore, the idea of the World Wide Web was born. This was like the first web browser which provided facilities for documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links. Concepts such as web design, web programming, and database management emerged giving rise to web development. Web design Brisbane is the concept of developing websites and includes aspects such as content production, graphic design and webpage layout.

Key Terminologies In This Concept Include:

Machine language: This is a constituent of codes that are machine readable. This makes such source codes to be processed at a very high speed.

Markup language: In website design, this is a language composed of tags to define different constituents of a document. This is the language which is both human and computer readable.

Tags: These are tools which are used in the markup language as syntaxes. Examples of tags include <title>, <body> and <bold>

HTML: It’s defined as hypertext markup language. In web design caboolture, it is the language used to write webpages. Its structure is composed of tags that dictate the structure of the pages displayed on the web page. For instance a <body> tag shows that, all information in this section should go to the body section. To end the instructions you use a </>. That is </body>.

Web page: This is a document written in HTML and interpreted by a web browser.

Website: It’s a combination of web pages. Each web page contains different information from the other and hyperlinked together to make a website.

Advantages of Web Design Concept

Today, almost everyone is on the internet. The social sites, education sites, entertainment all rely on this idea. The ability to create webpages and interlink them has facilitated many activities. Different web designwebsites provide various services. These are discussed below.

E-commerce: This entails executing business activities over the internet. A website such as amazon.com is an interconnection of different web pages all providing services of a different nature.

Electronic money transfer: This is the process of making payment and other monetary activities over the internet.

Online jobs: Different websites such as Elance and freelancer.com all rely on this idea for their existence.

Online gaming services: Interactive games are hosted via different websites.

Communication: Email services, social networks and teleconferencing services are all hosted on websites.

In conclusion, the idea of web design should be a primary thought in the mind of each citizen. This is simply because, with time, everything will be internet based which in turn relies on the web design.